$15 An Hour Paid Protestor Complains About Not Being Allowed Into Trump Rally

Ada Barnette said: If these individuals put this much support and energy into support and promoting who they are voting for to make their AMERICA GREAT!! Then Just Maybe they wouldn’t be having to protest TRUMP!!!!

Marcia Martin said: Bernie and Hillary must be really worried. Trump has all these super pacs bashing him, the GOP fighting him, Cruz lieing about him , illiterate welfare people paid to protest against him , the biased media bashing him and telling half truths about him. Through it all Trump stands strong. Now that is quite an accomplishment. The GOP is going to pay the price for their underhanded ways in the end whether Trump is elected or not. Trump has awakened a sleeping giant. We the people and we are about to take our country back.

As Seen On CraigsList: “Get Paid $15 An Hour To Protest At The Trump Rally”


We now know where these people are coming from:

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