20-Year-Old Black Woman With 5 Babies Blames YOU, Wants YOU To Pay Her BILLS

Danesha Couch from Kansas City is the newest member to my loser club! She spread her legs to have some premarital fun, but doesn’t want the adult responsibility! Either he (probably they) or she didn’t use protection or it miraculously failed.

I’m calling her out for being knocked up since her teen years, because mathematically she’s dumped out unwanted kids since she was at least 17. She’s a model citizen and a class act. She will be a welfare queen sucking up your hard earned tax dollars. She will live in a tax payer funded home her entire life and leech the system.

And now, she wants YOU to pay for HER KIDS? No thanks. Stop having unprotected sex and making babies when you’re still a baby yourself. Stop being a loser and start being educated.

If she paid more attention to math than to intercourse, then she’d know squirting out five kids before you’re 21 will tally up the expenses, and I’d rather see her be homeless than pay for her irresponsibility.

Let’s not forget that Planned Parenthood offers FREE birth control to families, or underage deviants, in hopes to prevent future abortions. You know, so they can stop selling baby body parts, but that’s none of my business.

Apparently Huffington Post thinks this woman is a super mom. I think she’s a super degenerate and a leech to America and Huffington Post is just another leftist melting pot of crybaby liberals.

Anyone who spawns five kids before they can legally chug a bottle of Hennessy is a dirt bag.

DOWNTREND – So far Couch has cyber-panhandled over $2,000. As you can imagine, the comments section of the GoFundMe page has some less-than-kind assessments of Couch:

“pathetic. having kids you cant afford and then asking others to pay for it. Absolutely the most ghetto thing to do,” wrote one commenter.

“Why are you continuing to have children that you can’t support ON YOUR OWN. Pathetic excuse for a mother. Stop begging people to take care of the kids YOU created. What are the odds that these kids will end up another black statistic in gangs and violence bc you are bringing hem into an unstable impoverished life? You should be absolutely ashamed of yourself. I hope that these kids get taken away from you and put with a family that can actually take care of them,” wrote a responsible mother.

I love the comments on her GoFundMe page, which you can see as well. They’re hilarious because they’re true.

Don’t get knocked up if you’re not planning to. I know accidents happen, but this slob should’ve learned from her first unplanned teenage pregnancy not to screw up again.

Now her poor broke kids have to grow up knowing they were accidents and their mother is a rotten scoundrel.

Danesha Couch reminds me of this sloppy mess.

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