30 Years Ago, Trump Predicted What Would Happen If He Ran For President

A recent compilation video captured some of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s most significant statements over the decades, going back as far as 1980. In it, he expressed many opinions about politics and the economy, and many of those ideas aren’t much different from the ones he expresses today. One prediction that stands out had to do with what Trump thought would happen if he decided to run for president.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 1987, Trump told Winfrey that if he did run for president he expected he would win because he believed that most Americans are tired of seeing the country get ripped off. He also said that he never entered into anything with the idea of losing.

Other segments of the 26-minute video show how Trump repeated the same notion. In a 1991 interview on C-SPAN, the real estate mogul was asked if he would like to take over and run the country the way he ran his business. Trump said he thought he’d do a fantastic job but that he preferred that someone else did it.

Trump also told Steve Forbes that he thought President Barack Obama simply wasn’t sophisticated in the ways of business and that it was ridiculous that China was allowed to get away with manipulating currency.

While speaking before a crowd at a CPAC conference in 2014, he said Obama was “weak and pathetic” when dealing with China and other countries. He added that foreign countries have no respect for the leader or our country.

This is an amazing video and one worth watching.

This video shows us how Trump has been interested in seeing America become as great as it can. He believes he can help restore the country to its former greatness and many of his supporters believe that, too.

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