4 Brothers Wrote A Song That Broke America’s Heart. But When They Sing It On TV? Incredible…

The Statler Brothers Show came on every Saturday night and was by far the most popular television show on The Nashville Network. The show featured the amazingly talented Statler Brothers, and through comedy, guest stars, and good old fashioned talent, these guys managed to bring in millions of viewers by the time they stop filming new episodes.

The group got its start by backing the original “man in black,” Johnny Cash. Over the years they finally managed to break out of his shadow and became popular with songs like “The Class Of ’57″ along with multiple country music awards.

But of all their songs and episodes featuring country music legends, magicians, and jugglers, one of the most memorable moments comes from an episode where the four men sing a simple yet devestatingly beautiful tune called, “More Than A Name On A Wall.”

The premise of the song is easy enough to understand, but it reaches depths of emotions that are hard to find in music. A mother is still grieving over the loss of her dear son who fell in the Vietnam War, even though she’s come to terms with her loss. She’ll always cherish the memory of his life, and wants everyone — including God Himself — to know that his life is more than a name amongst the 58,307 etched in that black stone.

Please watch this beautiful video, and share your memories of that turbulent era in our nation’s history.

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