480,000 Illegal Aliens Get a Free Pass

They arrived on a visa, then they just never went home.  Less than one percent of all visa overstay aliens were deported in 2015.

Senator Jeff Sessions released this report Friday: 

According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, in Fiscal Year 2015, 482,781 aliens who entered the United States on a non-immigrant visitor visa (for a specified period of time) for business or pleasure, or through the Visa Waiver Program, overstayed their period of lawful admission.

According to ICE. only 2,456 visa overstays were deported during the same period – less than one percent of the number of aliens who overstayed their visas in FY 2015 alone.

Visual_Visa Overstay

Since FY 2009, ICE has managed to remove only 51,704 visa overstays from the United States. And the number removed has decreased significantly each year, as the Obama Administration’s removal policies exclude nearly all visa overstays from any enforcement activities.

Visa overstays undermine the integrity of our immigration system, and pose considerable national security risks, says the report.   Full Report Available Here

It is worth remembering that the 9/11 attackers were in the USA on visa overstays.

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