5 things you need to know about Fred Trump

Fred Trump, the son of German immigrants and the father of Republican candidate for POTUS, started the very business his son now runs.

He died at the age of 93 in 1999, and was a controversial person throughout his life and is now remembered for his success and also for allegedly racially discriminating. “My legacy has its roots in my father’s legacy,” said Trump about his father.

In order to know Donald Trump, you must know something about his father too. So, here are the 5 things you need to know about Donald’s father, Fred Trump:

  1. He Started His Family’s Real Estate Development Business When He Was 22

Frederick Christ Trump, the son of Fredrick Trump and Elizabeth Christ Trump, was born on October 11, 1905, in New York. His father was born in Germany and moved in North America in 1885 at the age of 16. He moved to Seattle during the Gold Rush, where he ran restaurants before moving to Canada, where he opened a hotel and restaurant, according to a CBC article.

The eatery offered more than nourishment, Gwenda Blair, who created a book about the Trump family, told the CBC. “The greater part of the income originated from the offer of alcohol and sex.”

Donald Trump’s grandfather passed away in 1918 when Fred Trump was a youngster. In 1927, Fred Trump, Trump’s dad, began Elizabeth Trump and Son Co., the land organization that would turn into The Trump Organization, as indicated by his New York Times eulogy. He started fabricating houses in Queens, New York, and after that built military quarters and condo for U.S. Naval force staff along the East Coast amid World War II.

He kept on building the organization, developing low-wage flats and column houses in Brooklyn and Queens. Donald Trump joined the organization in 1968, when he was 22. Fred Trump loaned his child cash and permitted him to go into the land business in Manhattan, as indicated by the Times.

“It was beneficial for me,” Donald Trump told the Times. “You know, being the child of some individual, it could have been rivalry to me. Along these lines, I got Manhattan all to myself!”

2. He Was Reportedly Arrested at a KKK Rally in 1927

In September, a 1927 article in the New York Times was revealed by the site BoingBoing that seems to demonstrate that Fred Trump was captured amid a KKK rally in New York.

The Times article recorded Fred Trump’s name and a location where he is referred to have lived as one of seven men captured “in the close mob of the parade.” The men were blamed for attacking a cop. He was in the long run discharged from care, as per the article.

In a meeting with the New York Times, Donald Trump said the episode never happened. Trump additionally whined about the consideration the story got, “It turns out on a site and you are going to compose it on The New York Times? It shouldn’t be composed in light of the fact that it never happened, No. 1. What’s more, No. 2, there was no one charged.”

3. He Married a Scottish Immigrant in 1936 & Had 5 Children

Fred Trump married his wife, a Scottish immigrant named Mary Anne MacLeod, in 1936. She was born on the Scottish island of Lewis in 1912 and met Fred Trump while on a trip to New York.

Mary Trump was naturalized in 1942.

Together they had five children, including Donald Trump, Maryanne Trump Barry (a federal judge), Frederick Jr., Elizabeth and Robert. Fred Trump Jr. died in 1981.

4. He Was Sued by the U.S. Justice Department for Refusing to Rent His Apartments to Black People

The U.S. Equity Department’s Civil Rights Division recorded sued Fred Trump and his organization in 1973 for declining to lease flats to dark individuals. As indicated by the Village Voice, the Urban League sent white and dark analyzers to flats possessed by Trump. The white candidates got the condo, while the blacks didn’t.

Trump arranged an assent degree with the DOJ, obliging him to promote opportunities in minority papers and show them with the Urban League. The Justice Department said “racially biased behavior by Trump specialists has happened with such recurrence that it has made a significant obstruction to the full satisfaction in equivalent open door.”

5. He Died in 1999 With a Net Worth Between $250-300 Million

Fred Trump experienced Alzheimer’s illness and got to be debilitated with pneumonia in 1999. He kicked the bucket in June of that year.

As indicated by his eulogy in the New York Times, Fred Trump had a total assets of between $250 to $300 million when he kicked the bucket. He was known as a parsimonious man, in spite of his riches.

“As indicated by his children, he would routinely drive his Cadillac to one of his numerous development locales after the day’s worth of effort was over,” the Times said in the eulogy. “Wearing a natty suit — with his etched elements and wide smile, he took after a quiet film star — he would stroll through the studs and over the plywood floors, grabbing unused nails to hand back to his woodworkers the following day.”

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