51-year-old Barry Bonds beat the Marlins in a home run derby

At the age of 51, Barry Bonds has still got that home run swing.

Baseball’s all-time leader in home runs is currently employed as the Miami Marlins’ hitting coach after spending 22 years in the MLB. Being the team’s hitting coach, he has to help the players, well, hit. The best way to do that is to beat them in a home run contest.

Well, maybe not, but that’s exactly what Bonds reportedly did on Wednesday. And even Giancarlo Stanton was a part of the competition.

Barry Bonds just beat the Marlins players on a back field HR BP contest. Including Stanton.

— Craig Mish (@CraigMish) March 16, 2016

Unfortunately, it sounds like we won’t get video of the derby.

There won’t be video. I caught the end. Fumbled on the way to periscope. Fail.

— Craig Mish (@CraigMish) March 16, 2016

While it’s somewhat surprising to hear that Bonds beat the team in a home run derby, it’s really not. No one hit more home runs than he did, and his record may never be passed.

What makes Bonds’ supposed victory shocking is the fact that 26-year-old Stanton — arguably the most prolific home run hitter in the game today — lost, too. Bonds will probably be gloating about this one for a long time in the clubhouse … or at least he should.

I can report that Bonds seemed “happy” he won. PG-13 version. “You guys only see that on TV”

— Craig Mish (@CraigMish) March 16, 2016

This guy could probably win the home run derby this year and still play in the majors.

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