72 Department of Homeland Security Officials are on Obama’s Terror Watchlist

You may have heard Obama say recently that it is “ridiculous” that terrorists can legally purchase guns in this country. His statements refer to the lack of a provision in gun law that explicitly bars those on terror watchlists from obtaining firearms.

Following his logic, that the terror watchlist is in fact a list of known terrorists, he might have some explaining to do, as no less than 72 Homeland Security officials show up on the supposed terrorist list.

Will Obama admit that, by his own logic, men working within his own Department of Homeland Security are terrorists? Or will he shrug off the notion that terror watchlists are imprecise lists that contain many non-violent U.S. citizens?

He’ll probably do neither. Logic never seems to come quick to President Obama. He’ll likely ignore the fact that those among him fall on the list, while continuing to restrict gun rights to as many Americans as humanly possible.

The United States has either 72 known terrorists working within the Department of Homeland Security, or they have a horrendously flawed screening program that fails to flag actual threats to The United States. Either way, the news isn’t good.

The United States terrorist watchlist includes the names of 72 employees at the Department of Homeland Security, according to one Democratic lawmaker.

Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-Mass.), who was one of 47 Democrats in the House of Representatives to support a GOP bill that would increase the screening of refugees from Iraq and Syria, claimed that DHS has major problems within its own system.

During an interview with Boston Public Radio, Lynch said an investigation was conducted in August by the Office of the Inspector General, which revealed that 72 of the individuals on the U.S. terrorist watchlist were DHS employees.

Back in August, we did an investigation—the Inspector General did—of the Department of Homeland Security, and they had 72 individuals that were on the terrorist watch list that were actually working at the Department of Homeland Security. The director had to resign because of that.

Which do you think it is? Are we horribly unprepared to screen actual terrorists coming into our country, or have that many terrorists already infiltrated the ranks of American government? Its no doubt troubling in either circumstance.

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