A Mexican Called Ann Coulter ‘Racist’ And Got TORN APART INSTANTLY. Damn, Ann!

You know, much is being made about the roast of Rob Lowe and how it turned into a roast of Ann Coulter. What those liberal idiots don’t know is that Ann actually is attempting to help the country while they sit there and collect their fat liberal Hollywood paychecks and contribute nothing to society.

Coulter is so outspoken that many mistake it as angry and hatred. Yeah – not so. Coulter is speaking passionately and in all of her debates or rants, she’s unequivocally correct. Immigration is a topic that she’s particularly passionate about and liberals and Democrats all over mistake her hard nosed stance as racism. Fun fact: Bill Clinton said we need to secure our borders and stop illegal immigration in 1995 and wasn’t called a racist for it. The liberal mindset continues to baffle me.

Well, Ann just went on the Mike Slater radio show to talk about her book, Adios, America!. When she was joined by a Mexican-born caller to debate, things got heated FAST. But the caller was no match for Coulter, as Ann shuts down the clueless caller with the quickness.

We DO need to secure our borders, stop illegal immigration, and get this country back on the right track. How can that be considered racist or anti-American?

If you truly think that, I believe it’s time you just left and didn’t come back.

H/T: YesImRight.com

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