A paranoid Lyin’ Ted calls Trump a “mobster” who “threatens American citizens with violence”

Ted Cruz is willing to do or say anything to prevent Donald Trump from winning the Republican nomination, regardless of how untrue it is.

thefiscaltimes.com reports: “Donald needs to understand that he’s not Michael Corleone,” Cruz said. “I understand that Donald has had some very shady business deals with people that are currently in prison. Mobsters. But the presidency should not be La Cosa Nostra … Donald Trump keeps hiring people with records of dirty tricks, lies and threats of violence.”

“Donald needs to stop threatening the voters. He needs to stop threatening the delegates. He is not a mobster.”

The Texas senator, who still trails Trump in both pledged delegates and in national opinion polls of GOP voters, suggested that Trump’s history of wealth and privilege has left him detached from reality as other people experience it.

“Donald has been surrounded by sycophants his entire business career,” he said. “He was born into great wealth and privilege … at every stage, when he told a joke, everyone in the room laughed. Whether it was funny or not, you had to laugh.”

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