‘A Star Is Born’ Here’s Who Stole The Show At The RNC On Tuesday According To Luntz Focus Group

While Donald Trump Sr. might have officially become the Republican nominee for president on Tuesday, it was another Trump who seems to have stolen the show: Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr.

On Tuesday’s Hannity, Frank Luntz focus group seemed to confirm that Trump Jr.’s speech was the highlight of the evening.

“Sean, a star is born this evening,” Luntz told Hannity shortly after the eldest Trump sibling’s speech. Turning to his focus group, Luntz asked “How many of you had a positive reaction, a really positive reaction to Donald Trump Jr.?”

The vote was unanimous. Every member of the focus group had a positive reaction. When asked to describe his speech in one word, the focus group members were equally complimentary.

“Very sincere,” answered one focus group member.

“Charismatic,” said another.

“Very authentic,” said another. Others went on to call Trump Jr. “articulate”, “genuine”, and “authentic.” So well-received was Trump Jr.’s speech, some in the focus group believed his father could learn a thing or two from his son.

“The father should take lessons from the son,” one man said.

Check out the full segment:

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