ABC Caught Turning Off Camera When Trump EXPOSES THIS Truth About Hillary on LIVE TV!

The mainstream media has been caught red handed protecting Hillary and attempting to rig the election in her favor by not only reporting biased news, but also by censoring live statements from various people who support Trump, including Trump himself.

It happened at the RNC and it just happened again to Trump while giving a speech at a rally in Daytona Beach, FL.

Trump was speaking to his rally crowd as ABC was covering the speech live and he said, “Take a look at Orlando, take a look at San Bernardino, take a look at the World Trade Center,” Trump continued saying, “And we let ISIS take this position, it was Hillary Clinton that….she should get an award from them as the founder of ISIS. That’s what it…” and that’s when the camera went dead!

Watch this disgusting move by ABC Here…

The video eventually came back, but it was purposely muted, then unmuted once the executives felt it was safe to do so.

Clearly, Hillary’s watchdogs are in full protection mode for her  and will do whatever it takes to censor Donald Trump and anyone who speaks out with the truth about Hillary Clinton.

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