ABC, CNN, NBC PETRIFIED! WikiLeaks Shows DOZENS of Journalists Invited to Off-the-Record…

Is the media in the tank for Hillary? That is the claim Donald Trump and the entire right wing has made from day one. It, of course, is also a claim the media and Hillary deny.

A new Podesta email leak is a list of over two dozen reporters having a private pow wow at Podesta’s place…

Now, is this business as usual as some contend?

One journalist, Peggy Noonan, who was affiliated with Ronald Reagan by the way, says this is no big deal…

BUT, Peggy is now a journalist for the Wall Street Journal, which has not exactly scored a lot of points with the Trump campaign right now.

Furthermore, if you look at the actual list of reporters, I did not notice anyone from either Fox News or Breitbart being invited!

If this was just a dinner for the future press bus, regardless of political affiliation, I would think all press members would have been invited to the dinner.

With only liberal media members on that list, however, it would seem the “dinner” was more about setting up some type of strategy for the future of her campaign. Other emails have proven her campaign was giving direction to media members, so this would fall right in line with that.

An added point is something that Noonan actually points out herself, in that naming the press members “the future bus” is pretty portentous, but anyone that knows Hillary knows this is par for the course.

She has insulted pretty much the entire country at this point, so why not add a few more people to that list. Maybe some media members will now realize they are nothing but a tool to further her agenda and nothing more.

She merely tolerates their existence but would prefer to stick bamboo shafts under her nails than actually spend time with these people!

Once again, Hillary has been exposed as fraud, so let’s see what the press does with this one. With only two days till the next debate and three weeks until election day, it is time to put the pedal to the metal and take this woman down!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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