ABC News Raises Trump’s Delegate Count

Trump’s ground game in Pennsylvania paid off in a BIG WAY!

ABC News Reporter Ryan Struyk sent out a Twitter announcement Thursday afternoon with an updated delegate count of 996 for Donald Trump, “after our team called every unbound delegate,” he tweeted.  

Out of the 54 unbound delegates from Pennsylvania, Trump now has 41 of them – 28 who confirmed they are supporting him, and 13 additional delegates who have promised to back the winner of the district – which is Trump. ABC News said only three delegates are planning to vote for Cruz, and nine others are still uncommitted.

One Pennsylvania delegate told ABC News that he is “wall-to-wall” Trump.   Another said, “The suicide pact with Cruz and Kasich sabotaged themselves.”

Mother Jones News reported that Trump’s ground game in Pennsylvania was “much better than we thought.”   Delegates said Trump literature was being passed out at every polling station and the campaign and volunteers were very well organized.

Based on Trump’s new delegate count, he only needs 241 additional delegates to win the nomination.   Analysts are confirming that Trump has a clear path to the nomination – even if he loses the Indiana primary.  Meanwhile, last night in California, a TRUMP rally turned into a scene of complete havoc.


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