Actress and other business women start pro-Trump group

A group of over 100 women have formed the group ‘Women In Business For Trump’, and met with the presumptive GOP nominee ahead of the Trump Anaheim rally. reports: Several women from the crowd were called on to share the reason that they came to be a part of Women in Business for Trump.

Actress, small business owner and avocado farmer Kimberlin Brown — familiar from television shows such as The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful — said, “As a small business person we can’t afford any longer to provide health insurance.” She told the crowd that while her business used to provide it, that they no longer afford to do so. Brown also told the crowd how badly the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has “sold out Hollywood.” She continued, “how about ‘American lives matter’? NAFTA truly affected the entertainment industry.” Brown added that “the drug cartels are using the farming industry to smuggle drugs.”

Soon, Trump entered the room to enthusiastic applause. He told the women how much he appreciated their presence and their involvement in the Women In Business for Trump. He also spoke of the many women at his events.

“I honor you and I respect you and I have such a great feeling and this is an amazing group of people. So I just want to thank you very much.”

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