After 2 Days of Wisconsin Recount, Vote Totals Just Changed…

Ready for the oh-so impressive vote total change in Wisconsin?

Trump is up five votes! Jill Stein is also up, 24, mostly due to an tally sheet error in one county, as per Wisconsin Election Committee. Hillary Clinton also gained from the recount, three, making Trump’s lead two votes bigger. So why, again, was this recount so important? Stein is happy regardless of the results, according to Jill Stein herself, in this video:

Hear that? She’s not looking to change the outcome of the election… So, why spend millions on this if Stein knows she never could have swung the election, in any direction?

Because people are “unhappy.” Sure, Stein will list a bunch of ridiculous claims about voter fraud and “hacking.” She even implies that voting machines that are not eligible for use in California were used in Wisconsin.

Well, looks like Wisconsin was right to keep their machines, because their vote totals shifted in the single digits. Jill Stein wrongly assumes that just because California has different standards that those standards are better than Wisconsin’s. But the results prove otherwise.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has made it clear that he thinks Stein has the right to continue with her recount efforts, but is disappointed on the effect it’s having on the clerks in Milwaukee, where the recount is being performed.

Walker said, “I think we should call it for what it is and really it’s just a fundraising scheme for the Green Party… It’s their right to do that. They’re paying for it. The taxpayer’s not paying for it. The only real concern I have is that for a lot of these clerks, local clerks, they’re already busy.”

Not everyone agrees that Stein should be allowed to move forward. There has been a lawsuit filed against the recount effort, by Trump supporters. In part, it says that Stein’s allegations of vote fraud are baseless. It makes the argument, along with two others, that the real goal of Stein’s recount is to push past the deadline to file a voter tally, thereby disallowing the state from participating in the electoral college.

If this were to happen, Wisconsin voters, and other states that Stein is recounting in, presumably, would be treated unequally. They deserve to have their say in the presidential race!

And, as to Stein’s charge that people are “unhappy,” well, sure they are! We’re always unhappy when we lose something. But that doesn’t justify a recount. It’s too bad Stein had to learn that the expensive, time consuming way.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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