After Bashing Trump For Months, George Clooney Got Wrecked With Horrible News Today…

George Clooney is a Hollywood hippy weirdo. He has been an outspoken critic of Donald Trump since the moment that he entered the race. Apparently, karma does come back. All Clooney’s trash talk has finally got back to him.

Clooney just starred in a new film called Money Monster. It is not doing very well right now, either. In fact, according to Breitbart News. The film is opening with a crappy $10 million in box office sales. This officially means that it is a total flop!!

From Breitbart:

Money Monster — which stars Clooney as a Jim Cramer-style TV finance guru who is taken hostage on air by a disgruntled viewer — is projected to open in the low-teen million range this weekend, according to tracking estimates in the Hollywood Reporter.

The studio behind the film, Sony/Tristar, projects an even softer opening, at $10 million.

If those estimates hold, it would be a disappointing opening for the star-studded film, which reportedly carried a production budget of $27 million and will open on roughly 3,000 screens.

The film is set to open in the nearly $12.5 million range, according to Deadline. Clooney just can’t seem to get fans into theatres. It’s probably because he got in front of the Trump Train and got WRECKED.

This is becoming a trend with George Clooney. His last movie Hail Ceasar! earned only $11.4 million on its opening weekend. That is less than Clooney’s mansion cost. That is not even his worst movie recently.

Remember, that terrible movie Disney’s Tomorrowland. This horrible flick only got $41 million in sales and Disney lost out on money on that one.

Clooney is gone. He is gonna need that socialism to pay for his mansion soon. Hopefully, Hillary Clinton can come through and save his acting career. I don’t know why he thinks that his opinion matters in politics. (h/t PoliticultBreitbart)


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