After Bashing Trump for “Objectifying Women” – The Truth LEAKS About Megyn Kelly & Anderson Cooper!

The corporate, liberal media is aiming all barrels at Donald J. Trump this week. We’ve watched as biased debate moderators Anderson Cooper of CNN and Megyn Kelly of Fox News attack Trump’s supposed history of “objectifying” women. They forced Trump to apologize for “locker room talk” which was more than a decade old.

But interestingly, these famous reporters have had quite the scandals of their own! Watch (below) as we see what Anderson Cooper is really all about… Is this family entertainment? Hardly!

On top of Cooper’s hypocrisy is Fox News’ Megyn Kelly. Watch (below) as Kelly – who has carefully shaped her public image as wholesome and modest, is anything but.

Here she is talking to radio host Howard Stern about penis sizes. Outrageous!

This is Megyn Kelly objectifying people:

And she willingly posed for this magazine shoot for GQ Magazine:


Megyn has recently made it clear that she supports Hillary Clinton for President. Why are reporters allowed to be such hypocrites, just because they are liberal?

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