After Carson Hints At Dem VP Choice, Trump Makes EPIC Announcement

Dr. Ben Carson raised some eyebrows recently when, as part of his role on the vice presidential search committee, he suggested that presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump might consider a Democrat or independent as his running mate.

Trump addressed that rumor and put it to rest during an appearance on “Fox & Friends” on Friday, when he was asked if he would “rule out or rule in a Democrat, the right kind of Democrat?”

“I would rule him out. Or her out,” Trump declared. “Look, we want to have a great ticket. The Democrats have been in there for a long time, the economy is terrible.

“The real unemployment rate is probably 20 percent, it could even be higher than that, it’s a disaster,” he continued. “Jobs are leaving, you look at Carrier, you look at so many companies, they’re leaving.”

“No, I’m gonna pick a great Republican and we’re gonna have a tremendous victory. We’re gonna win!” he added.

This is good news that Trump has ruled out picking a Democrat as a running mate. It’s an option that should never have even been part of the equation, to be quite honest.

Regardless, speculation will continue as to who Trump will pick to fill out his ticket, with the choice most likely being somebody with insider experience to help Trump navigate the treacherous waters of D.C., or someone who will help appeal to certain voting blocs of the general electorate.

If Trump should make a choice for a running mate before the GOP convention, that could go a long way toward settling the current divide that has split the party.

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