After Debate, Mike Pence Calls Rush To Tell Him Something That Instantly Blew His Mind

Radio host Rush Limbaugh spoke with Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence on Wednesday to congratulate him on his debate performance Tuesday night. The two discussed the debate as well as GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s vision for America.

Limbaugh commented on the chaotic nature of the debate and how the Indiana governor remained poised despite constant interruptions from Democrat Hillary Clinton’s running mate, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine.

“Governor, I have to commend you,” he said. “I don’t know how you did it. I don’t know how you kept your composure last night. … I thought the whole thing was beneath the dignity of the American people, and you handled it magnificently. … How did you do it? You had to just be — I don’t know — burning, frustrated at certain points wanting to just pop out of that, but you didn’t.”

Pence responded, “Well first, Rush, coming from you, that’s — I’m very humbled by that. Thank you very much.”

The governor said he wanted to make sure he discussed the issues that the American people were concerned about.

“It was a vigorous debate, but at the end of the day, I really do believe that Donald Trump won the debate. Donald Trump’s vision to Make America Great Again won the debate, and I truly do believe as we continue to carry his vision,” Pence said.

“Well, it’s interesting and fascinating to hear you say that,” Limbaugh responded, “because I have been playing for the audience sound bites all day reading various new stories essentially saying that you did so well — that you so overshadowed Trump — that even though you won, he lost!”

Pence laughed it off and commented on how it was “standard operating procedure” for the media.

“We had a vigorous conversation about economic growth and, you know, what was in high relief is that Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine are gonna raise taxes and Donald Trump and I are gonna cut taxes,” Pence said. “The ability just to lay out to the American people the choice in this election, the failed foreign policy of which Hillary Clinton was the architect during her four years as secretary of state.“

He continued, “It’s the reason why Donald Trump is attracting record crowds all over the United States. And as I campaign with him and campaign for him, I just truly do believe that this is a movement of the America. It’s a movement that speaks to the ideals that really have characterized your voice and your career throughout your many years in radio.”

Limbaugh seemed struck by Pence’s humility and self-control.

“You truly are one of the most gracious and magnanimous — I mean, for you to say what you just said. … Not about me. I’m talking about the moderator and other things that happened last night. You have that knack, Governor, and I need to applaud you for it. I don’t have the ability to contain myself after an event like that the way you do,” the radio host said.

The two also joked about a time when Pence — who hosted a radio show in the 1990s — made a comment likening himself to “Rush Limbaugh on decaf.”

“I have to tell you, I really was incredibly humbled to be on that stage last night. When you think about my little family and my life — my grandfather immigrating to this country when he was my son’s age, my mom and dad building a small business in a small town in southern Indiana — for me to be there, I felt a great weight of responsibility,” Pence said.

“A few minutes before I went out my wife looked at the me and she said, ‘Just remember, this is about the American people. This is about the country.’ This country’s in a lot of trouble, and Donald Trump has really given voice to the aspirations and the frustrations of the American people like no one in my lifetime since Ronald Reagan,” the governor said.

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