After Trump’s Louisiana Visit, New Poll Has Media SPEECHLESS

The Liberal media has portrayed Trump as anti-immigrant and immigrants as anti-Trump. It makes sense. They’re used to simplifying and dumbing down complex issues.

But new polls have shown–not surprisingly–that the Liberal media is dead wrong.

As reported by Allen B. West,

Those who’ve jumped through all the hurdles to immigrate legally don’t tend to be sympathetic towards those who want to cheat their way in, and as the Morning Consult just reported, the figures are there to prove it.

Most Americans who immigrated to the U.S. support Donald Trump’s call for a temporary immigration ban from some countries, along with other proposals that appear to view foreigners with suspicion, according to a new Morning Consult poll…

…As with the entire electorate, about six out of 10 immigrants (61 percent) said they back Trump’s proposal to have all foreigners take an ideological test when applying for a visa to make sure they share American values. About a quarter of immigrants (26 percent), as with the electorate as a whole (23 percent), said they opposed it.

Maybe, just maybe, Trump is on to something. Instead of acquiescing to all the demands of liberal sympathies, political correctness, and diaper-wearing whiners, he is taking a stand.

He believes there is a particular type of America that needs to be upheld and its integrity protected. This is a place of standards, morals, and a particular ideology. To open the doors, gates, walls–whatever–and let just anyone in with any aspiration or ideology is death to the United States.

The most refreshing part about this is immigrants themselves agree. That is, after all, what brought them to cross these borders into the United States.

The immigrants that deserve to be in the United States are willing to do the work to become a naturalized citizen and can respect Trump’s efforts to maintain a semblance of what America once was and hopefully still is.

Whether you agree with such a stand is a moot point. You may not like everything Trump says, but the majority of naturalized citizens agree. THAT is something we haven’t heard from the media. Having a standard is not hate.

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