After Trump’s Victory, CAIR Leader Comes Forward and Calls on Muslims to OVERTHROW the…

If you needed more proof that CAIR is a disgusting organization, you’ve got it right here.

Hussam Ayloush, the leader of the Los Angeles chapter of CAIR, has allegedly called for Muslims in America to overthrow the government! The tweet he supposedly sent is below:

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) purports to be an organization dedicated to improving the relations of Muslims in America with Muslims outside of America.

We doubt that’s their real goal, and their leader’s latest statement has only made this more clear.

Ayloush’s chant from the Arab Spring, literally means “The people want to overthrow the regime” as per The Federalist Papers. Allegedly this tweet was published on November ninth, just moments after midnight.

This is when many in our nation first heard the news that Donald Trump would be our next President.

What a horrible, horrible representative for American Muslims. Calling to overthrow the US government is a federal crime, and we believe that authorities should take Ayloush’s alleged tweet seriously.

Further, we would hope that the Los Angeles Muslims Ayloush purports to speak for will stand up to this man, or kick him out of office. In fact, one person did call Ayloush out on Twitter, to which Alyoush responded that his comment was merely a joke that anyone who could speak Arabic could understand, as per The Federalist Papers.

Well, the Arab Spring did result in overthrown governments, so its unclear why they would have had a “joke” chant. Unless, Ayloush is trying to imply he was making a joke of an Arab Spring chant? We can’t know, because Ayloush hasn’t provided any details of how exactly his comments were a joke, to our knowledge.

Instead, CAIR has provided a statement that they will “challenge the bigotry” in America but also that they will “increase outreach to their fellow citizens of other faiths and backgrounds to build bridges of mutual understanding and cooperation.”

If they’re serious about extending a bridge, we suggest they start with Donald Trump and his millions of supporters, because it seems that their own leader is a radical bigot, not Donald Trump.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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