Air Force DEFIES Obama, Refuses to Do THIS Nasty Thing He Ordered

President Obama, the person who avoids calling radical Islam by its proper name at all costs, has recently ordered a major classification alteration onto the Air Force, with no previous mention or explicit necessity for such a change. However, they’ve decided to defy their President.

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“I think the term ‘airman’ needs to stay how it is. It’s who we are. It’s part of our heritage,”Senior Master Sgt. Andrea Cook told Stars and Stripes, when asked about Obama’s new gender neutral labels for the military “I’ve been an airman for 21 years.”

The Navy has agreed to stop using the term “yeoman” and the Marines are changing “infantryman” to “infantry Marine.”

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said the decision by Defense Secretary Ash Carter to direct the military to allow women to apply for a broader range of jobs in the armed forces should be looked upon as an “opportunity to update position titles.”

Ash Carter did not just push the altering of position titles, he also lifted the ban on transvestites.

The Air Force sees the matter differently and has not backpeddled on its decision to remain politically incorrect.

Although the Air Force is more than willing to welcome women into all job positions, it prefers to keep with tradition when it comes to labeling those work duties.

“It should be left as it is now; it’s part of our tradition,” said Chief Master Sgt. Erika Schofield. “Using ‘man’ in our titles isn’t gender-specific in our career fields.”

A plethora of other female Air Force members concurred that being called an airman just was not a “big deal” to them.

“I’ve been called an airman my entire enlistment, and it’s never bothered me in any way,” Senior Airman Julia Liggio said.

Several female airmen considered the whole discussion not just “dumb” but a total waste of their time, thus doubting their superior on his judgement on the choice of his priorities. Spread this news on the social media and let us know how you feel about this matter in the comment section below.

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