Air Force General RISES UP, Exposes THIS Bombshell About Obama – ‘We Weren’t Allowed to…

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton just took a major hit from a retired Air Force General. His words are something every American needs to hear as soon as possible.

One of General Ham’s biggest complaints under Obama was that, “We weren’t allowed to take care of the people the way we need to take care of people.”

One of the most disturbing lines for me to hear from General Ham was, “It was demoralizing to work for Obama.”

How do you cut the knees out from under the men and women offering their lives up to defend everything that is America?

A point the General made that should hit home with everyone is that Obama is now on his fourth Secretary of Defense!

Accepting that position, you realize there will be politics involved, but there should be give and take that still results in the defense of America coming first.

People leave jobs because they are unhappy, are not given the tools to do their jobs, or both.

In this case, as the General makes quite clear, it was a case of both.

Our military was not given the money or tools it needed to do the job.

In addition, Obama wanted specific answers from his SoD and if he didn’t get it, he would make their lives miserable until they left or outright dismiss them.

Military leaders are put in these roles because of their expertise, so why would any president continuously ignore their advice as Obama has been known to do?

It is great to hear these former military leaders come forward and finally tell the truth about Obama and how he has abused our military.

For any American that wants to keep this country safe and provide the proper tools for our military heroes, pulling the handle for Trump in November is a no brainer.

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