Alabama City: JAIL TIME For Those Who Use Bathroom of Opposite Biological Sex

There is a Target store in the same city – NOW what are they going to do?

The Oxford, Alabama city council is putting their foot down – anyone who uses restrooms that do not match their biological sex now face six months in jail or a $500 fine.  The ordinance just passed this week, in response to an announcement by Target saying they would allow employees and customers to use the restrooms and changing rooms they best identify with.   There is a Target store in Oxford.

The Oxford city council says people in public restrooms “do not reasonably expect to be exposed to individuals of the opposite sex while utilizing those facilities.”

“The Council further asserts that single sex public facilities are places of increased vulnerability and present the potential for crimes against individuals utilizing those facilities which may include, but not limited to, voyeurism, exhibitionism, molestation and assault and battery,” the ordinance states.   “Transgender” is not specifically mentioned in the ordinance.

According to CNN, the Oxford police chief said the law would be enforced just like any other for a misdemeanor.

The pro-LGBT group, Human Rights Campaign, wasted no time blasting the city’s new law.   “This anti-transgender law is unprecedented in its establishment of criminal penalties for violations of the law, and raises a myriad of privacy and legal concerns, including questions about how the law will be enforced,” HRC said in a statement.

“Transgender people are our neighbors, our coworkers and our fellow churchgoers,” an HRC spokesperson said, “and every Alabamian has the right to live their lives without fear of discrimination and prejudice.”

(Editor’s note:  Does every person also have the right to go into a public restroom without fear of being violated by someone of the opposite sex?)

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