Alec Baldwin Caught on Audio Cursing Out His 11-Year-Old Daughter, Calls Her A…

The more we learn about Alec Baldwin, the more we wonder what’s wrong with this guy.  Sure, he supports many of the same dangerous and failed leftist policies that we would expect from the running mate of Hillary Clinton.  Not much to surprise us there.

And he has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood which should give any concerned American pause.  Slow infiltration of American society by moving its members into key positions in the US military, security, and other areas of government seems to be the Brotherhood’s primary method of operation.  That a candidate for vice-president would be revealed to be supportive of such should have disqualified him immediately.

Should we be unfortunate enough to see the Alec Baldwin-Hillary ticket victorious in November, we’ll have not only the obvious menace to the Republic, Hillary Clinton to contend with, but we would have the added danger of Tim Kaine ready to ascend to the presidency should something befall Hillary.  It’s hard to think of a less hopeful situation.

Alec Baldwin, the hard-core left-winger with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood also seems to have some anger-management issues, something else he allegedly shares with Hillary.  What else would you say about someone who leaves a voice mail for his 11-year-old daughter, yelling and cursing at her, and calling the girl a pig?  A sorry excuse for a father would be one thought. A loose-cannon would be another.  This is a little kid and his own child we’re talking about, for goodness sakes.

And here we thought the Alec Baldwin-Hillary ticket was so adamantly opposed to being disrespectful to females.  Apparently not.  Mr. Alec Baldwin better watch his mouth when talking to his daughter or he might see a photo of her in the paper wearing a “Trump for President” button.

Have a listen to this leaked voicemail and draw your own conclusions.

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