ALERT – Bombshell Leak Reveals Just How Out of Touch Hillary Clinton Is, It’s BAD

Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, promised that there would be a few October surprises in store for Hillary Clinton and her presidential campaign. And after a stutter due to a security threat that canceled an initial unveiling of said surprises, he has come forward with some damning information.

Wikileaks released a document dump late Friday afternoon that included clips of Hillary Clinton’s paid speeches to Wall Street financial institutions, as well as hundreds of emails from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. The documents were released at approximately 6pm Friday. The most shocking information in the dump was Hillary Clinton admitting – unequivocally – that she is “far removed” from the Middle Class.

The media and the “pundocracy” have been clamoring for texts of Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street financial sector speeches for over a year. To date, the Clinton campaign has refused to release those texts. Now we know why.

Clinton received six-figure honorariums for her speeches to Wall Street financial institutions like Goldman Sachs and Black Rock. CBS News reported that Clinton pulled in over $6 million for her Wall Street speeches, with Goldman Sachs handing over a stunning $675,000 for a single speech.

In a February 4, 2014 speech to Goldman Sachs and Black Rock, Clinton blatantly admitted that she was detached and out of touch with the Middle Class and the mainstream American public. This presents a devastating hurdle for her campaign with just a month left to Election Day.

In speaking of her “solid Middle Class upbringing” as it relates to her perception of the struggles the Middle Class must endure today, Clinton said, point blank, “Obviously, I’m kind of far removed because the life I’ve lived and the economic, you know, fortunes that my husband and I now enjoy…” The statement serves as a confession to the fact that Mrs. Clinton, who has lived as a privileged elitist for most of her adult life, is completely out of touch with the issues and concerns of the Middle Class.

This admission flies in the face of her campaign trail rhetoric which attempts to paint her as a champion of the Working and Middle Classes, and as someone who fully understands the daily trials and tribulation of people who are just making it. It proves that her attempt to woo the Blue Collar voters is nothing more than hollow rhetoric.

Clinton even went so far as to validate a point routinely exposed by her rival, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump. In that same speech to Goldman Sachs and Black Rock, Clinton admitted there was an anxiety running through the country. “I do think there is a growing sense of anxiety and even anger in the country over the feeling that the game is rigged.”

These admissions shatter the core personality of the Clinton campaign – that she is a champion of the “every-man.” The idea that Clinton could live the life of an elitist, inside-the-beltway, establishment multi-millionaire politician and still feel the blood of the Middle Class running through her veins has always been an incredulous narrative. Now, with her own admission that it does not, the basis for her campaign is gone.

The question now will be this. Will Hillary Clinton’s supporters finally realize they have been buying a false-narrative sold by a charlatan, multi-millionaire politician whose only reason for entertaining a political life was for power and riches? Or will they continue to display their blind ignorance to the world, even as they vote to put a fraud into office.

During this last and most important month before the election, it will be up to you and I to confront them with this information and to make the case for them either to vote for Donald Trump or to stay home on November 8th. It is for the good of the Republic.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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