ALERT – Days After Last Email Leak, Look What Just Happened to Julian Assange…

Has the campaign to go after Julian Assange started by Hillary and her thugs?

Over the weekend, Wikileaks claims the groups Internet connection was severed in an effort to silence Assange, but then it really started to get interesting.

The group has been peppering the Internet with some obscure tweets over the weekend which actually started rumors that Assange may have been killed, but that was pure speculation.

CNN added to the fiasco when it told its followers it was illegal to search through the Wikileaks emails, but they would get you the information.

That may have been one of the most blatant attempts at limiting the information available to the public I have ever seen by a news agency.

Wikileaks literally bombed Hillary over the weekend with the Podesta email files and they say they are not done yet. The biggest bombshell has yet to have been released and Assange stands fast that it will most definitely end her run at the White House.

The American people are waiting because those of us on the right are still waiting for any of these emails to actually hurt her campaign. It seems as though every time another bombshell hits, someone else comes out to make a claim against Donald Trump.

Amazingly, these emails are getting very little traction in the mainstream media even though they have enough information in them to land the normal person in jail. So far collusion, purposeful deceit of federal agencies, money laundering, and pay to play have been revealed, but not a peep from our justice department.

This does not even address the numerous emails that have Hillary insulting every minority group in the country as well as the everyday citizen. At this point, she should not be getting a single vote, but her party is standing behind her and continuing to promote her as the best possible candidate for the race.

More emails prove the Obama administration and even Obama himself have been complicit in many of these law breaking scandals, but still nothing is happening. Her skillfully timed release of this sex scandal attack on Trump is proving to be the perfect smokescreen to hide everything she has done.

I just hope Assange is able to avoid the wrath of Hillary long enough to release the bombshell that actually takes her down. We are running out of time and with only three weeks to go, we need that blow that will knock her off her feet and put her down for good.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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