ALERT – Donald Trump Asks Supporters to Boycott THIS Major TV Station

When Donald Trump called for a boycott of Fox News several months back, their ratings plunged. If his millions of supporters adhere to his request this time around, another major media outlet could wind up suffering a substantial loss in viewership and advertising revenue.

“I can’t believe that @CNN would allow the very nice Jeffrey Lord to be savaged by a panel of seven Trump haters. 7 to 1 – Don’t watch CNN!” – Donald Trump tweeted.

ox News has the highest ratings of any cable news network – meaning the highest news outlets ratings on television. The temporary shunning by Donald Trump and his legions of faithful supporters hit them right were it hurts – in the wallet.

CNN does not enjoy the same ratings ranking as Fox, a Trump boycott, no matter how short, will likely hurt its bottom line even more deeply.

Unlike Obama, Sanders, or Hillary, Donald Trump has made himself very available to the news media.

The free coverage has been a win-win. Trump get free earned media by the hourful, and outlets get a ratings boost every single time he is on their air.

Many have joked CNN now provides “all Trump all the time.”

The mistreatment of Trump supporter Jeffery Lord not only cost the media outlet a few more pounds of credibility, it also will cost them the a ratings rainmaker – until they make amends.

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