ALERT – FBI Confirms Trump Was RIGHT With THIS Shocking Report… This Could Change Everything

It is astonishing just how much bias there is in American politics today. Clinton’s team “fact-checked” some statistics Donald Trump said during the debate, but the FBI—you heard that correctly—is contradicting Hillary Clinton.

Violent crime is at its highest rate in three years, according to an FBI report, per

Homicides went up by ten percent in 2015, and other incidents of violent crime went up by four percent in 2015. The reports came out amid repeated comments from Republican candidate Donald Trump.

While not the highest rate we have ever been, it is still cause for concern. Obama and Clinton are saying everything is fine, but this is untrue.

“The report shows that there was an overall increase in violent crime last year, making clear what each of us already knows: that we still have so much work to do,” said Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch during a speech in Little Rock on Monday.

“Violent crime endangers lives, destroys families, and paralyzes neighborhoods…In some ways, violence affects all of us — and so all of us have a responsibility to end it.”

Although this rate is coming off of historic lows, FBI Director James Comey said that was of “little comfort” to him.

“Something people say to me, ‘Well, the increases are off of historic lows,’” Comey explained. “How does that make any of us feel any better? I mean, a whole lot more people are dying this year than last year and last year than the year before, and I don’t know why for sure.”

Donald Trump believes he has found the cause, however. He said the increased regulations make it harder for police officers to do their job and can lead to an increase in criminal activity.

Couple that with the fact that some of the hardest-hit areas in this increase of violent crime are areas with the tightest gun restrictions, and you have a serious problem that will only get worse under a Clinton administration.

The choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is clear.

She is running for what is essentially a third Obama term, and she has been termed by some as being “Obama on steroids.” One thing is for certain: she must be stopped.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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