ALERT – FBI Spills the Beans, Reveals What’s Inside Hillary’s ‘Missing’ Email Boxes

The FBI bungled the Hillary Clinton email investigation even more than we first realized, fellow patriots. The shocking new revelations about some missing cardboard boxes are just a little bit too convenient. We the People may not ever know what was inside even though the documents belonged to us all.

The mystery of Hillary’s 30,000 missing emails just got even bigger. A line buried deep within the 189 pages of extremely redacted FBI witness statements taken by FBI agents revealed two “bankers boxes” or cardboard boxes, which held emails belonging to Clinton that should have been turned over with about a dozen more, somehow went missing.

In a now public FBI report, a State Department witness who worked in the Office of Information Programs and Services directly acknowledged the missing boxes of emails. It appears no one, not even FBI investigators, has gotten answers about exactly what was in the boxes or where they went, and it seems no one is even actively searching for what could be damning information about Hillary’s emails.

The State Department staffer said,“Initially, IPS officials were told there were 14 bankers boxes of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails at Clinton’s Friendship Heights office.” Friendship Heights is a neighborhood that straddles the Northwest of the District of Columbia and Maryland.

So, Hillary stored emails, which likely contained classified information, in a non-government office AND on her private email server? We will never know folks because the Justice Department is determined to protect Hillary and Obama’s “legacy.”

The FBI interview reports, known as “302s,” were released earlier this week. The same report indicates that Patrick Kennedy, a State Department official, inappropriately applied pressure to his underlings to alter the classified email codes on the communications, so Congress and the public would not see them.

If the allegations against Patrick Kennedy and the information about the two missing boxes of emails are true, then corruption at Hillary Clinton’s State Department was running rampant. It appears all possible attempts were made to hide Hillary’s covert actions on her private email server to keep her out of handcuffs.

An excerpt from one of the heavily redacted 302s revealed the FBI had substantial suspicions about Kennedy’s actions. It’s surprising investigators didn’t toss in an immunity deal—after all, they were handing them out like candy to anyone who could utter proof that Hillary broke the law.

Hillary lied to the public when she said she did not send or receive any classified information. The FBI was well aware of her comments, but investigators never even bothered to ask her why she changed her story when they finally had her into their offices for a chat over the Fourth of July.

References about the missing boxes are noted in five pages of the recently released FBI reports—and contain 111 redactions! If Hillary Clinton and her staff did absolutely nothing illegal, then why is so much information being withheld from We the People?

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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