ALERT – Hackers Find Hillary’s 33,000 Missing Emails, But It Gets MUCH Worse

For the Donald Trump campaign, Wikileaks is, as everyone says, the gift that keeps on giving. As the days go by, the site continues to come out with more damning emails showing the true character of Hillary Clinton, and this latest release has been no different.

Not only is this group threatening to release Hillary’s 33,000 emails, but they are also claiming Hillary is threatening people from Trump’s past including those from his business, “The Apprentice,” and elsewhere to make up sexual assault allegations against him, per Red State Watcher. It is truly astonishing the lengths this woman will go to in her desperate attempt to hold on to power.

Is Anonymous actually finally making good on their promise to expose Hillary? One can only hope so because it will truly be a sad day for America if she gets into office. The release of these damning emails is not officially scheduled until November 1st because Wikileaks realizes that timing is everything.

The first statement was released by JM4Wt37a, and they said they are going to withhold the release because they felt this would be a true “October surprise,” and they do not want to allow the DNC enough time to replace Hillary Clinton.

Interestingly enough, they also claim they are NOT Russian, as Hillary has so insisted. This too is a good thing because should the travesty of justice that is Hillary getting into office result, the last thing we need is a war with Russia simply because her ego was bruised. Kudos to this group for exposing who the real devil is!

The statement by this hacker also revealed their extreme confidence that Hillary will not win this election despite the extreme cheating she has done in order to be “elected.” Once these 33,000 emails are released, Hillary is truly done. People will not only realize the things she did to Bernie Sanders, but they will also realize all of the cynical things she is trying to do to Trump.

Oh, but wait… it gets better. There is another forthcoming email dump from IQ+K+Lep that shows six videos from the Clinton campaign of the former first lady showing hatred and downright contempt for a number of groups. This would include an African American woman, and the sheer scowl on Hillary’s face is hard to ignore.

Wikileaks believes these tapes will be worse than anything it could possibly put out regarding the Trump campaign. It claims to even have, on record, Clinton lackeys committing felonies in order to control the media and the election. If these allegations are released and go viral, Hillary will lose!

xzM1s9ix released the final statement, and he claimed responsibility for the release of the Podesta tapes. He allegedly tells readers that Hillary is only playing the media, and the polls are “weighted” in her favor. In actuality, it is Trump who is in the lead, and the Clintons are just trying to prevent turnout.

They are claiming Clinton is going to any lengths to win this election, and she keeps desperately trying to remind people of Donald Trump’s taxes. The rub, however, is Trump is purposely withholding his taxes until the appropriate time, and when he DOES release them, it will show that Clinton was wrong, and it will ruin her credibility.

Moreover, the emails show Clinton is harassing a woman into lying about Donald Trump taking advantage of her, and that it is all just a tit-for-tat venture to even things up with her husband Bill Clinton. Some good stuff in these emails! Hopefully, it comes to fruition and many individuals see Hillary Clinton for the liar she truly is.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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