ALERT: Here’s Where Obama Is Going After He Leaves The White House

If you were hoping that President Barack Obama and destructive policies would disappear from the political scene after eight years as commander in chief, you would be gravely mistaken.

The first family will be renting a spacious home located in Kalorama, D.C, from Jeff Lockhart and Giovanna Gray upon their White House exit. Politico reported that the capacious house was established in 1928 and was last sold for a whopping $5,295,000.

Back in March, Obama stated that he would hang around D.C. while his youngest daughter, Sasha, finished high school.

Can anyone explain to me why the Obamas need nine bedrooms and eight bathrooms? One thing for sure — it sounds like they could hold quite a few Syrian refugees with 8,200 square feet.


Lockhart, the NFL’s EVP of communications, and Gray, the special projects manager for Glamour magazine, have moved to Manhattan, opening the slot for the Obamas to claim the house.

If presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump ends up in the Oval Office, you can bet that Obama will attempt to flex his political muscles in an attempt to quash his effectiveness.

If Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton is elected, Obama might jump ship and flee to Kenya, reuniting with his long-lost brother. After all, Obama put America in the toilet — and conservatives know that Clinton will flush it.

One thing to take away from this is that career politicians don’t really ever go away. They will always fight for their agendas, partake in close-door meetings and exchange money under the table. That’s just the way American politics is nowadays — that’s also why individuals like Trump are polling well.

Heck, Obama may have only just begun …

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