ALERT – Immigration Officials Come Forward, Expose THIS Sick Obama Plot

If this report is true, and we have every reason to believe it is coming from a major news network, the lid of the voter scandal as it relates to illegal immigrants and the Democrat party is about to be blown off.

Jared Wyand, a well-known Trump supporter on Twitter, just posted a new clip that has my jaw agape, claiming ICE officials told Trump illegals are in fact being kept in this country for the sole purpose of voting…

This is pretty disturbing on numerous levels, so let’s get to it.

First and foremost, Hillary’s illegal immigrant program “Dreamers” has concerned me from day one.

To blatantly promote undocumented immigrants being able to vote goes against everything the actual citizens of this country have fought and died for since its very inception.

From day one, we have sent brave men, and now brave women, into the field of fire to protect our country, our Constitution… our very way of life.

Hillary wants to belittle that by granting one of the most precious rights we have as Americans to people that are breaking the law and that do not deserve to be here in the first place.

The second point in this story that is even more disturbing is Obama’s blatant refusal to deport dangerous criminals. Mind you, this is a promise this administration has made as well as something Hillary is on record claiming as a priority with their “immigration” reform package.

Above all else, and as far apart as the left and right are today, we should all be able to agree that criminals that have come into this country illegally should be deported as the first available opportunity. There is simply no excuse to keep them here.

I have said this before, but voters really need to understand Democrats have only one purpose right now, and that is to ensure they stay in power and keep the political system as we know it today in place. Any change to the status quo, and by that I mean electing an outsider like Trump, threatens their very existence.

The ONLY way they have to preserve this is win this election any way possible… even if it means disrespecting legal citizens and putting this country in danger. Why do you think the number one issue on their platform is to increase Syrian refugees and protect illegal immigrants in this country?

And please, think about that, even you liberals that read my articles for the sole purpose of trolling me… The most important thing for liberals has NOTHING at all to do with citizens of this country right now, but rather in individuals that are here illegally or that want to come here and put our country at risk!

As conservatives, we are worried about the 100 out of 10,000 possible terrorists. As liberals, they are worried about the 9,900 possible votes they are guaranteed to get.

As conservatives, we are worried about the 16,000,000 people here illegally syphoning dollar after dollar out of the government till via entitlement programs. As liberals, they want those 16,000,000 to gain citizenship so they can vote and keep them in power for decades.

If you are out of work or at a low paying job, if your family is struggling to pay its bills, how does Hillary honestly help you? She is about to allow millions of people to compete with you for a better job on January 21… is that what you really want?

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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