BREAKING: They Got John Kerry!

It seems that every Democrat who is on the function of Secretary of State, starts to embezzle money. First was Hillary Clinton and now John Kerry…

As the scandal involving the collusion between the Clinton State Department and the Clinton Foundation continues to capture headlines, it would seem Hillary Clinton’s successor, John Kerry, took notes on how to game the system. It seems nothing has changed when it comes to laundering money through the State Department.

New documents obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation show that more than $9 million of State Department money (i.e. taxpayer dollars) were funneled through the Peace Corps to a non-profit foundation created and run by Dr. Vanessa Kerry, the daughter of Secretary of State John Kerry. Awarded in several tranche mechanisms, the arrangement appears eerily similar to what the Clintons had in place. Where the Clintons appear to have been much greedier, the result is the same.

There is always a certain level of nepotism in politics at every level. This is why there are conflict of interest regulations, but at every turn it appears the progressive and liberal left finds ways to skirt those regulations.

In arranging the scheme, records show the State Department funded a Peace Corps program created by Dr. Kerry and officials from both agencies. The Peace Corps then awarded the money – without competition – to a non-profit Dr. Kerry created for the program.

At its inception, the Peace Corps awarded Dr. Kerry’s group – now named Seed Global Health – a three-year contract. This contract was funded by $2 million of State Department money in 2012. At the time, Sen. John Kerry was the chairman of the powerful Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. This committee oversees both the State Department and the Peace Corps.

After receiving the initial tranche of funding, Seed secured a second four-year extension tranche in September of 2015—again, without competition. Again, the Peace Corps awarded the non-profit the funding — $6.4 million. This time the origin of the money was the US State Department under Secretary of State John Kerry.

In addition, Seed received almost $1 million courtesy of a financial modification to the first tranche awarded. This tranche was also funded from State Department funds the organization had secured from outside the Peace Corps.

The Peace Corps program – called the Global Health Service Partnership (GHSP) – had well-intended goals if only on paper. The group sends volunteer medical personnel (physicians and nurses) to medical and nursing schools in Africa. To its credit, more than 40 clinical educators worked at 13 sites in the 2014-2015 program.

However, that doesn’t excuse the fact that Senator – and then subsequently — Secretary of State Kerry and other government officials colluded to not only launch the program and ensure Seed would get the contract, but to secure funding from taxpayer dollars. In fact, to the latter point, the State Department buried its intent to transfer any funds to the Peace Corps for the purpose of funding this “arrangement” in its required congressional notification. Seed received its first award less than one year later.

State Department officials, commenting on discovery of the scheme, tried to gloss over the issue by saying Dr. Kerry’s chief income is derived through Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. That doesn’t address the main concern, however, that Dr. Kerry and her father arranged for taxpayer dollars to make their way into the good doctor’s pocket through a connected non-compete contract.

Dr. Kerry first drew a salary from Seed in 2014. At that time, she was the only officer listed on the non-profit’s 990 tax form to receive compensation. Her compensation was listed at some $140,000 for a reported 30 hours per week.

It appears the only difference in this scheme and what the Clintons set up is that the Kerrys did it with a lesser amount of money and added another layer between the finance source and those being enriched.

It seems that every time another document sees the light of day at the State Department, some progressive Democrat is trying to cover up a money funneling scheme tantamount to a racketeering enterprise.

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