ALERT – Judge Napolitano DEFIES Obama, Issues THIS Final Warning to Him

Judge Andrew Napolitano is anxious about our country’s security and the honesty in our legal system. He bravely released a warning to President Obama- a warning one too many American citizens believe the President should not overlook.

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The Judge feels Obama should move forward with indicting Hillary now—before we have a “Saturday night massacre” on our hands in America.

“If FBI agents resign and leak on the eve of the election or the eve of the DNC, does President Obama have a Watergate-like, Saturday Night Massacre on his hands?” Napolitano asked during a recent interview about the email scandal.

Hillary Clinton jeopardized “national security secrets” and lied about doing so on a plethora of television interviews, according to Judge Andrew Napolitano.

The recently discovered email between Hillary Clinton and her closest aide, Huma Abedin, contradicts a multitude of prior statements the Democrat presidential candidate made claiming her private email and home server were secure.

The email to Clinton acknowledges the system had been “hacked” and the State Department had to “temporarily disable” security features at the federal building to permit Hillary’s home emails to be filtered into the system.

“That directly defies Mrs. Clinton’s public statements, made on numerous occasions, that she never jeopardized national security secrets and that she was never hacked,” Judge Napolitano said.

The Huma Adedin email was not turned over to FBI investigators until recently.

The recently discovered missive between Hillary and Huma could pose substantial legal problems for Clinton.

She testified under oath and “under penalty of perjury” in front of U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan that she had offered up ALL government related emails to FBI investigators, BizPacReview reports.

The Judge Napolitano thought the FBI case against Hillary Clinton is “overwhelming.”

The Judge also believes that if the President turns down an accusation to continue, a huge scandal will explode in the U.S.

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