ALERT: Major Food Manufacturer Issues Alarming Recall Over Widespread Contamination

General Mills has announced a recall of an estimated 10 million pounds of flour after a possible link to an E. coli outbreak was reported.

The outbreak of E. coli is reported to be in 20 states and is potentially linked to General Mills’ Gold Medal, Wondra and Signature Kitchens flour. The varieties of flour were reportedly sold at Safeway, Albertsons, Jewel, Shaws, Vons, United, Randalls and Acme. (Specifics on the recalled products can be found on General Mills’ website.)

While E. coli has not been found in any of General Mills’ flour products, the company said it decided to initiate a recall “out of an abundance of caution.”

General Mills said Tuesday that a total of 38 people were ill between mid-December and early May. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that about half of these people had used flour prior to falling ill, and some reported using a General Mills brand.

In its recall announcement, General Mills reminded customers that they should not consume raw dough or batter, noting that the bacteria found in flour is eliminated after it is cooked. The company and CDC said people should remember to wash their hands and food surfaces after contact with raw dough or flour.

The strain of E. coli that is in question is known to cause bloody diarrhea and dehydration, according to General Mills. Other effects vary depending on the severity.

“As a leading provider of flour for 150 years, we felt it was important to not only recall the product and replace it for consumers if there was any doubt, but also to take this opportunity to remind our consumers how to safely handle flour,” Liz Nordlie, president of General Mills Baking division, said in a statement.

h/t: Fox News

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