ALERT – Melania’s College Professor Comes Forward, Reveals the Truth About Her

Melania Trump is under fire regarding claims she made about her education on her website. Despite this, people who knew her best are coming out to say great things about her.

Blaz Matija Vogelnik, Melania Trump’s former professor, has come out and said that “her IQ was very high,” and “My personal opinion is that, because she was very beautiful girl … I believe that she realized that she could gain more with that, than to have long studies,” as per CNBC.

Apparently, Melania’s website used to say that she obtained a degree at a University in Slovenia where she was born. Trump’s website says that the next First Lady “paused her studies to advance her modeling career in Milan and Paris.”

Melania was clearly smart and could have continued with her education but realized she had more earning potential in the modeling industry. While she was traveling between photo shoots in Paris and Milan, it must have occurred to her that her modeling career had more potential than the degree she was going to receive.

You might not know that Melania Trump is fluent in five different languages. After growing up in communist Yugoslavia, she learned Slovenian, English, German, French, and Serbian. So what does it matter whether or not she finished her degree?

Just imagine what an advantage Trump will have when he visits France or Germany and the First Lady of the United States can greet foreign ambassadors in their native language. I think that will be a great way to establish even closer ties with some of our allies abroad.

I wonder if the same people that care about Melania dropping out of school would say the same thing to people like Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates who also left school to pursue more lucrative careers. Going to school works for some but if you have the ability to make more money elsewhere then more power to you.

Liberals are trying to smear the next First Lady and imply that she is mere eye candy for Donald Trump. That is completely contrary to what her professor, who worked closely with her while she was getting an education, had to say about her.

Historically, First Ladies have been off limit for political attacks. Any attempts to criticize Michelle Obama resulted in Republicans being called racist or sexist by the mainstream media. It does not appear that Melania will receive the same courtesy that was given to Michelle.

We can expect a full assault of Melania and Trump’s children as Trump’s Presidency unfolds because the liberal media does not care how low they stoop in smearing Trump and his family. You would think that they would be happy about Melania being this smart, confident role model for young women all across the country.

Instead of whining that Hillary Clinton was not treated fairly in the election, the left should be apologizing to the next First Lady for not treating her fairly. We should be celebrating her diversity, intelligence, and her role in helping Trump achieve his presidential victory.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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