ALERT: Mexican Soldiers Cross Border, Fire on US Border Patrol… But It Gets Even More Shocking


In a startling admission, the U.S. government said that Mexican soldiers crossed the Mexican-American border and shot at U.S. Border Patrol agents.

In papers obtained by conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection admitted that on June 26, 2014, a Mexican military helicopter crossed into American airspace and fired on Border Patrol personnel in what’s described as a “clearly marked position.”

The documents were the result of a Freedom of Information Act request filed on July 9 of last year by Judicial Watch. And to make things worse, additional FOIA reports indicated that this is far from an unusual event.


Records from the Department of Homeland Security revealed that between the years of 1996 and 2005, there were 226 documented incursions into American territory by the Mexican military.

Additionally, in the year 2007, 25 incursions were documented.

And just earlier this year, an incursion by armed and camouflaged Mexican soldiers led to a tense gunpoint standoff with Border Patrol agents.


In the 2014 incident, Tucson Sector Foreign Operations Branch agents were parked roughly 100 yards north of the border when they observed a helicopter from the Mexican LEA crossing into American territory.

They then heard two rounds fired from the LEA helicopter, which proceeded to land 15 yards from the agents. In addition to an unmarked Border Patrol vehicle, there were two clearly-marked Border Patrol vehicles as well.

While the Government of Mexico would later apologize for the incident, Rep. Duncan Hunter said that there have been at least 300 incidents of a similar sort since 2004, including 152 involving armed agents


Usually, when a country’s military crosses into the border of another country repeatedly, that’s considered an act of war.

However, if the offending party is Mexico and the offended party is the United States, nothing happens. In fact, Mexico has never faced punishment for any of their incursions, and the Mexican government hasn’t bothered to take any action aside from issuing a timid apology.

It’s time that we secured our border for good — from both Mexican troops as well as illegal immigrants.

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