ALERT – Mother of Crying Baby DEFENDS Donald Trump in Viral Facebook Post

While Donald Trump was making a speech at a rally in Ashburn, a baby was crying during his speech, and there have been numerous misleading reports of Trump’s decision to send the baby and mother out. However, the truth is quite different.

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After hearing the liberal media rake Donald Trump over the coals over the incident, the mother of the crying baby spoke up to tell Americans how she felt about it. I cannot say it any better than her, so here are her comments in full as they appeared in the Facebook post…

Read the Facebook Post:


Statement from Devan Cierra Ebert with her crying baby at a Trump Rally:

“I was the mother in his rally on Tuesday, August 2nd, in Ashburn, VA, with the baby who started to cry. I would just like him to know personally that I, by no means felt I was ever “kicked out” of his rally.

I excused myself and my child when he awoke from his nap and began to cry. It was only because I had to grab my child’s belongings and then make my way out of the aisle I was seated in that I wasn’t out of there sooner.

I realize Mr. Trump doesn’t know me personally, but for those that do, know that I am the first one to excuse myself and my child when he begins to cry because I personally believe it’s rude to disturb anyone else’s ability to hear what they came to see. I’ve left movies, violin recitals, and other events if I felt my child was disturbing others. It is the considerate thing to do.

I stood right outside the doors of the auditorium continuing to watch and listen to what Mr. Trump had to say. In fact, the police that were right outside in the same hallway with me, treated me with so much respect it was incredible. They were so kind and made me feel welcomed to stand with them.

One officer commended me on my bravery to bring my child to Mr. Trump’s rally.

I fully support Mr. Trump. I thought he responded very graciously to my child crying and he made a lighthearted moment out of what I usually consider to be stressful. I actually was out of the auditorium before he even made his follow up comment about my child and even then, when I was informed of his comment,

I laughed. I understand he says things jokingly, and I understand no one wants to speak over or struggle to listen over a crying baby.

I am in no way offended and I again reiterate, Mr. Trump NEVER kicked me or my child out of the Briar Woods High School, Trump rally.

And for the record, while my child and I stood outside of the auditorium, my eleven year old stepdaughter and my Grandmother sat inside the auditorium and continued to support and listen to everything Mr. Trump had to say.

We all were so excited to be able to see Mr. Trump so close to home. I didn’t have a babysitter to watch my kids and honestly, to me it was a historical moment that I am happy that my kids were there for.

I apologize for the trouble this has caused Mr.Trump. The media has severely blown this out of proportion and made it out to be something that it wasn’t and is clearly using this as political gain for the Democratic party.
I hope this message sheds light to what really happened.

Thank you for your time. Best of luck! You have our vote. Trump 2016″

I think there are a couple of things that could be highlighted here.

First of all, the Hillary Clinton attack machine is alive and well, and it is going to do whatever it takes to continue conditioning its followers to hate everything about our man Donald Trump.

Second, Donald Trump has more support than you might think. As you can see from the comments, she not only APOLOGIZED to Donald Trump but reassured him that he had her vote as well!

Seriously folks…

If there is any type of justice at all in this world, this incident will backfire on the Democratic party.

They are exploiting this simply for political gain, and they are ignoring every dirty little thing Clinton has done in the meantime.

Hillary Clinton lied to the American public about her email server and put Americans at risk. She lied about Benghazi. She probably lied about the Clinton Foundation.

However, don’t wait for the media to point that out. They are preoccupied with their attempt to make the general public believe a bunch of lies about Donald Trump, which are basically on the same line with he eats chicken with a fork.”

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