ALERT – Nasty Thug Executes 17-Year-Old Girl, Tim Kaine’s Response Was DISGUSTING

Lem Davis Tuggle had just been paroled from a 20-year sentence for the murder of a 17-year-old girl in 1971 when he proceeded to rape and murder Jessie Geneva Havens, 52, in 1983. He was sentenced to death, and Tim Kaine was his lawyer on appeal who had an extremely disgusting defense for this thug.

Kaine tried to argue the forcible sodomizing of Havens did not amount to rape in an attempt to reduce the capital murder charge to murder and allow Tuggle to escape the death penalty, per

The Fourth Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that Kaine’s attempt to claim there wasn’t enough evidence to prove a sexual assault had occurred “was clearly erroneous.”

This case is one of many where Kaine has demonstrated he is nothing more than a mindless bureaucrat.

Kaine’s canned and wooden response is reminiscent of the far-left Michael Dukakis’s unflinching and careless response about how he would react if his wife was raped, and it belies the story of why this career murderer and rapist was ultimately put to death. The story is truly terrifying, and Tuggle is six feet under where he belongs.

The victim had several abrasions including one on the left frontal area of her forehead, an abrasion on the right area of the forehead, an abrasion on her neck, and a bite mark on the right side of her breasts.

She also had a number of small bruises on her right arm, bruises on her wrists and right thumb, and bruises on both of her lower private parts.

All of Havens’s bruising happened while she was alive, and the medical examiner testified that no semen was found in the front, but there were signs of penetration and ejaculate found in her rectum.

To put it in layman’s terms, this woman was raped. This was a bit of an inconvenient truth for Tim Kaine, and it was just a bit too challenging for him to navigate around, so the death sentence for this killer was upheld.

So, we have a woman who will defend her lifelong rapist husband at the top of the ticket, but things do not seem to get much better at the bottom. As vice president, we have a man in Tim Kaine who would gladly defend a rapist and a murderer.

It is extremely hard to believe anyone would support this type of ticket. Considering the low turnout Clinton and Kaine get for their events, it is fairly safe to assume far-left liberalism is growing thin in America.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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