ALERT – Obama Is Prepping a WAR to Save Hillary Clinton, The DETAILS Are Sickening

Hillary and her cronies have stated on many an occasion they believe the Russians are behind all of these attacks for the purpose of influencing our presidential election.

Now, to back up those claims, NBC News is claiming an intelligence source has told the news agency they are considering a cyber attack against Russia to retaliate for the country trying to influence our election.

The report says the source did not offer any particulars about the attack, but preparations have started to carry out the attack.

If this is true, it is disturbing on two very specific fronts.

First, is the Obama administration really ready to make an act of aggression against a super power to cover up Hillary’s scandals?

I mean, that is what we are talking about here, the revelation and uncovering of emails that prove Hillary is the most corrupt politician on the planet.

Second, and this is something Trump has pointed to on several different occasions, why are they even putting this story out there in the first place?

That leak, if Obama is serious about attacking them, now gives Russia ample time to prepare and block the attack!

Why would you EVER tell your enemy what you were about to do? Why put them on high alert you were planning anything at all?

Something else to consider is how much more corrupt this makes the current administration look. You are not willing to do anything about terrorism but you will risk a world war to defend Hillary’s emails?

This report should launch a massive red flag for every American as it is now apparent how far Obama is willing to go to keep liberals in power in this country. With Russia recently recommending anyone abroad come home for fear of future hostilities, we are now treading dangerously close to a confrontation with Russia that could result in massive loss of life… over Hillary’s emails.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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