ALERT – Obama Makes HUGE Move to Cover-Up Hillary’s TREASON, People Deserve to Know

Admittedly, Hillary Clinton has done an effective job of attacking Donald Trump and making herself appear better. Her track record, however, does not bear this out. It is pretty filthy, and a recent report shows that it is so bad that President Obama is involved in the cover-up.

The Obama administration is moving to dismiss charges against an American arms dealer named Marc Turi who was accused of selling weapons to Libyan rebels simply because the information surrounding the case would have exposed Clinton’s treasonous foreign policy, per

The deal essentially averted a trial that threatened to cast additional scrutiny on Hillary Clinton’s private emails as secretary of state, and it also would have exposed attempts by the Central Intelligence Agency to arm rebels who were fighting Libyan dictator Moammar Qadhafi.

A Turi associate said the case essentially was dropped because Clinton and President Obama did not want their administration spotlighted, but they did provide weapons that fell into the hands of Islamic extremists.

Another factor would have to be that it is an election year, and the ego of President Obama demands he protect his legacy at all costs. Thus, he does not want to do anything that would put the basically third Obama term in the form of Hillary Clinton in jeopardy.

“They don’t want this stuff to come out because it will look really bad for Obama and Clinton just before the election,” the Turi associate said.

Robert Stryk, a Turi adviser, of the government consulting firm SPG said the government was trying to scapegoat Turi to cover up Clinton’s poor Benghazi management.

“The U.S. government has spent millions of dollars, went all over the world to bankrupt him, and destroyed his life – all to protect Hillary Clinton’s crimes,” Stryk said in regard to the September 11, 2012 Benghazi attack.

Of course, this man joins a long list of Clinton scapegoats including the McDougals, Vince Foster, and many others.

A leopard cannot change its spots, and Hillary Clinton will still have the same dirty, underhanded politics if she gets into office.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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