ALERT – Roseanne Barr Rises Up, Reveals DISGUSTING Clinton Scandal

Roseanne Barr, always a brazen and outspoken woman, is willing to go where mainstream media pundits would never dare. The political activist and comedian is forcing the most horrific Clinton scandal back into the public consciousness.

If Hillary Clinton wins the election, it will be historic, but not for the reasons liberals want. Roseanne Barr’s  now viral tweet points out that America could be on the verge of electing not just the first woman president, but it could also be putting a serial killer inside the oval office.

Hillary’s candidacy is already historic. She is the only candidate to ever run for this country’s highest office WHILE being investigated for multiple potential felonies including the violation of national security law.

The “Clinton death toll” now includes more than 44 people from inside their orbit who have either died suddenly in a horrific accident or committed suicide under mysterious and suspicious circumstances. Most law enforcement experts would agree it is impossible to commit suicide by firing TWO gunshots to the back of the head!

Roseanne Barr believes she has already paid a substantially high price for challenging Hillary and Bill Clinton. Barr believes her popular talk show was cancelled because she invited Paula Jones on as a guest in 1998.

“I interviewed #PaulaJones on my talk show in 1998. Hollywood went berserk on me [because] I did not ‘support’ rapist Bill Clinton. I got cancelled,” Roseanne Barr tweeted last week.

Roseanne, now 63, said her lack of support for the narrative being pushed by the Clintons in 1998 caused her great professional harm. The liberals running Hollywood quickly turned on Barr, who was at the peak of her success at the time.

“There really is a deeper issue underneath the Clintonite spin of this right-wing conspiracy because apparently conservatives are not letting the president keep his pants zipped up or something,” Barr also said.

Roseanne Barr has been extremely vocal of her disdain for Bill and Hillary Clinton on social media and is ramping it up as election day gets nearer. The comedian has been blasting both of the Clintons and dredging up important stories the media won’t cover on her Twitter feed.

Barr’s blunt slams at the Clintons even earned her a thank you tweet by Donald Trump. After falling and breaking her knee cap last week, Roseanne tweeted a photo of the injury and asked, “Did Hillary drone me?”

The droning comment referenced Hillary’s alleged comment about issuing a drone attack on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Clinton can’t recall making the remark, but her handlers claim if she did, it was, of course, merely in jest. Just a mere death threat for laughs.

What do you think about Roseanne Barr’s viral tweet?

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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