ALERT – Russia Issues ‘Nuclear’ Warning to Americans – What Happens Next is Horrifying

For the first and probably only time, a Russian leader just said something all patriotic Americans can agree with! The shocking warning from Russia may have a significant impact on the 2016 presidential election.

One of Vladimir Putin’s most powerful pals warned all Americans to vote for Donald Trump if we want to avoid a nuclear war! Russian official Dmitry Kiselyov warned American voters that any “impudent behavior” towards the Russian capital could have “nuclear” implications.

Kiselyov added that Hillary Clinton will escalate tensions, but he believes Donald Trump will have the opposite effect on negotiations between the two world powers. “We’ve had it with American abuse over Syria,” the Russian added. In late September, Russia held a nationwide civil defense drill involving about 40 million citizens in an effort to prepare them for catastrophes including nuclear fallout.

The warning comes on the heels of an order by Putin for all Russians living abroad to get their families home at once. The sober rattling from our Cold War enemy appears to have increased since the Obama administration accused Russia of war crimes due to a missile attack in Aleppo, Syria.

Kiselyov also referenced the “radical change” in the relationship between America and Russia in recent months. “The loud talk in Washington of a ‘Plan B’ for Syria. Everyone understands what this means:  direct military force in Syria,” the Russian added.

The Russian Defense Ministry has also vowed to shoot down any United States military aircraft that attempt to drop bombs on the Syrian Army. Obama drew a red line in Syria and then ignored it getting crossed.

We now have intense chaos in Syria. ISIS and other radical Islamic terrorist groups are now running roughshod over the entire region.

As previously reported by the Angry Patriot, Russia has moved its nuclear-capable missiles—the Iskander-Ms—into Kaliningrad. The region borders Poland, putting major cities in Europe within striking distance.

Poland considers the relocation of the nuclear-capable missiles of “highest concern.” The German foreign minister believes mounting tensions between the United States and Russia have created a scenario far “more dangerous” than what America faced during the Cold War.

Hillary Clinton’s promise of a “Russian reset” has failed miserably. During a presidential debate with Barack Obama in 2012, Mitt Romney was mocked for calling Russia our biggest geopolitical foe, but he appears to have been 100 percent correct.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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