ALERT: The Real Reason Why FBI Is Censoring Orlando Terrorist’s 911 Call

Investigators released partial transcripts on Monday of conversations between Omar Mateen and emergency personnel regarding the horrific terrorist attack inside the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, on June 12.

However, the FBI redacted several parts of the transcript, particularly instances where the terrorist named the organization to whom he pledged allegiance for the massacre — the Islamic State group.

Conservatives wasted no time coming out against this decision to censor the 911 call, as it is yet another example of how our current administration would rather appease terrorists than confront them head on.

The shooter, an American with Afghan heritage, killed 49 people and wounded 53 others during his radical Islam-fueled massacre at the gay nightclub.

In 911 calls between Mateen and emergency personnel early that morning, the terrorist pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group and made several comments about his actions being in the “name of God.”

The transcripts released by the FBI, however, omitted any instance where Mateen explicitly named the Islamic State group.

For conservatives around the country, it was just another attempt by the White House to gloss over the problem by not refusing to identify the country’s deadliest enemy.

“Absolutely disgusting,” Rosser McIntosh tweeted, along with a picture of the redacted transcript. “They literally refuse to call the problem by its name.”

FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge Ronald Hopper defended the controversial decision at a news conference on Monday, but his reasoning was disturbing to those who want to actually defeat radical Islamic terrorists, not just pretend like they don’t exist and hope they go away.

“We’re not going to propagate violent rhetoric that comes from other people, whether it be here or overseas,” Hopper said, claiming that Mateen did not represent the “religion of Islam,” but a “perverted” view of it.

Matt Walsh, a conservative blogger, pointed out the absurdity of the FBI’s attempt to stop people from blaming Islam for the Orlando massacre.

“Incredible. The FBI basically announces that it redacted the transcript so that people wouldn’t blame Islam,” Walsh tweeted.

The truth is that the entire administration has been so concerned about not being too harsh on the Islamic faith that it has refused to take necessary measures to defeat the radical arm of the religion.

The fact that investigators deliberately deleted the truth in these transcripts was just a small example of the administration’s overall plan to mislead the public about radical Islamic terror and its failure to devise a plan to defeat the Islamic State group.

“Obama’s 3-step plan to defeat [omitted]: 1. [omitted] 2. [omitted] 3. [omitted],” Sean Davis, a conservative journalist, tweeted in what should have been a joke, but unfortunately is the sad truth.

We all know what the full transcript would say without the omitted portions, but God forbid our current administration actually acknowledge the problem and let the world know that we’re not scared to call these terrorists out of their caves and finish them once and for all.

As long as the real problem is “omitted” from our leaders’ discourse, any chance of eliminating these vile murderers will also be omitted.

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