ALERT – Trump Issues AMAZING Response to Bill Clinton’s Disgusting Insults

Donald Trump is responding to Bill Clinton’s statement in a very presidential way, giving the American people the truth as opposed to the Democrats’ lies.

Bill Clinton stated that Trump knows how to get “angry, white men” to vote for him, and Trump responded by saying that Hillary Clinton’s campaign focused too much on the wrong states, as per Fox News.

Hillary’s husband and the rest of the Democrats are pointing fingers everywhere except for at Hillary Clinton, who deserves it.

The fact of the matter is that she ran a terrible campaign, and that’s why she lost. You would think she would have done so much better, due to the fact that this wasn’t her first rodeo, but it bombed. It was DOA. Dead. On. Arrival.

Regarding Bill’s statement that Trump called him after the election, Trump clarified that it was Bill Clinton who called him and offered a very nice congratulations. Donald Trump was elected because he ran a very successful, if unconventional, campaign.

It was because of its unconventionality that it was so successful. The Trump campaign was a breath of fresh air to the American people, who were tired of the same old rickety career politicians who are dusted off and paraded around for the people to see.

Hillary’s campaign did focus on the wrong states and barely made any appearances. Donald Trump hopped from state to state, practically killing himself to make several appearances and running himself ragged to prove to the people he was their best choice.

She failed to focus on states like Arkansas and states in the Midwest. She probably viewed them as “beneath her” and not worth her precious time. She was so sure that she was going to win that she didn’t even bother trying to sell herself in enough states.

The Clintons lost because of her and her campaign’s mistakes, but who do they blame? They blame people like FBI Director Comey for reopening the investigation into Hillary’s email scandal 11 days before the election, which did hurt her numbers.

But frankly, if you’re going to complain about that, then try not performing illicit actions with government property and maybe you won’t be in the situation in the first place. It’s as simple as that, but the Democrats refuse to not think of themselves as victims.

Donald Trump’s response to Bill Clinton was absolutely perfect, and even more so because he put it on Twitter and sent it directly to the American people. Trump doesn’t wait for the mainstream media to twist his words—he delivers them himself.

Trump is our president-elect, and he was confirmed as the next president by the Electoral College on Monday. So, all the effort that liberals put forth to prevent this was for nothing—they have, once again, failed. They can point fingers all they want and play the blame game, but it won’t change the outcome that Trump is the president, and Hillary Clinton is not.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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