ALERT: Trump’s Stunning Plan For GOP Convention May Seal HIS November Victory

For all but the most hardened political junkies, a party convention is usually a pretty bland affair. There’s only so much long-winded pontificating and procedure a person can stand.

Also, if your network of choice is NBC, there’s a 92 percent chance that you’ll run across Chris Matthews, and nobody wants that.

However, if there’s one thing that Donald Trump doesn’t do, it’s boring.

That’s why the convention to nominate him is going to be very different from those in the past — and it has many pundits saying that it could give him an insurmountable lead.

In an interview with Fox News Wednesday, Trump predicted, “I think it will be a spectacular convention.”

“I mean you hear a lot of speeches and people end up falling asleep after the 19th speech. We have some great country and western people who want to come in and some entertainers that want to come in — I have to keep this as a surprise.”

“The site has been chosen and the arena is fine, but I’d want to have — you know, the last Republican convention was extraordinarily boring,” Trump recently told The New York Times. Trump said his team will “make it interesting and informative, but also smart and different.”

There are plenty of ideas that Trump has toyed with, including one in which he would give a series of speeches in different cities on the nights leading up to the convention.

“There certainly is a train of thought that perhaps Mr. Trump speaks every night from a different city across America highlighting a different problem he intends to solve,” Trump adviser Barry Bennett said.

“We can go to the worst school in America. We can go to a closed down factory. We can tell the American people that we understand their problems, that we feel their pain and here is the solution, the conservative Republican solution. Television is a huge, huge part of the convention, but it is not the only part,” he added.

Either way, it could lead to an insurmountable post-convention bump for Trump’s campaign. After all, can you see Hillary Clinton matching Trump’s performance?

“There is always the common refrain that conventions are boring, but this year that really changed because of the enthusiasm on the Republican side,” Republican National Convention spokesman Dave O’Neil said.

Talk about an understatement.

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