ALERT: What Hillary Told the Saudis CONFIRMS She Supports Sharia Law!!

The latest bit of shocking news emerging from Hillary Clinton’s past definitely indicates she is willing to say anything to get what she wants—no matter how un-American the sentiments truly are. Hillary’s desire to allow tens of thousands more Muslim refugees into the United States, even though the vetting process is as solid as Swiss cheese, is now even more concerning.

Hillary previous apology to the Saudi’s over American women wearing bikinis is proof positive she is either all for Sharia or will simply say anything to get more money in the bank.

Saudi Arabia just also happens to be one of the Clinton Foundation’s biggest donors.

The Petra News Agency recently reported comments by Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman where the royal claimed donations from his country account for a significant portion of Hillary’s campaign coffers.

The shocking report about the Democrat accepting campaign funds from a foreign donor, which is illegal, appeared on the internet only for a short time before being deleted.

The publishing outlet has so far refused to comment on either its report or the removal of the piece from the internet.

Citizens in Saudi Arabia do not have a choice when it comes to adhering to the strict and violent code of Sharia Law.

The country’s entire legal system is based on Sharia Law. The law was developed based on the Quran by Muslim scholars after the prophet Muhammad’s death.

Hillary claims to be a champion for women, yet she threw 40 years of equal rights milestones under the bus, aiding the furtherance of Sharia Law in the process.

Clinton’s funders in Saudi Arabia surely do not support women’s rights.

Women in that country have no rights at all and can’t even so much as drive a car without a man’s permission.

And if Hillary is elected, don’t be surprised to Sharia become the new American law.

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