Alex Jones explains why he thinks Ted Cruz is a “lying psychopath”

Bob Ray said: Cruz should be an honest person for our country, Cruz was not a born in American. He was born in Canada. He is not a true born American. Trump was born in AMERICA and is a very honest President to be in 2016, vote for Trump for our new President 2016.

Larry Smith said: I absolutely agree tar and feathering or something similar needs to be put in place to immediately get to these politicians who play dirty..waiting to vote them out is BS…we need a three strike law with these people… as far as Cruz the sleazeball..he should be booted out for sealing his records …he obviously has something to hide… RNC is using him to steal votes from Trump and then at 11 o.clock they will throw him under the bus…Republicans and Democrats are destroying themselves to the voters quickly …time for the new Patriot Party to arise from the ashes and take all the voters from these crooked theives… For the People .Of the People By the People…no delegates electoral college no special lobbyists..just American legal citizens and every vote coubts… no BS..

Alex Jones talks about Ted Cruz and how he is nothing but a CFR Goldman Sachs frontman trying to subvert the liberty movement from inside.

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